Synergy in Disney

What is synergy? – Well, simply put synergy as it relates to media and our study is a default and one of the most effective ways a conglomerate can drum up business.  It is done by a conglomerate advertising and exposing a product through other mediums of theirs.  The larger the company and more mediums they have the easier it is for them to use synergy.  For this blog I will be talking about four ways Disney uses synergy.

1. Toy Story 3 Release – There were many ways Disney used synergy in their release of Toy Story 3.  Disney used the 3D re-releases of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 to promote Toy Story 3 by showing teasers and trailers. One of the trailers is linked above. To also promote Toy Story 3 the Blueray / DVD combo pack had a feature that gave a behind the scenes look at the making of Toy Story 3 before it was released.  Disney Channel also had a day dedicated to Toy Story before the release of Toy Story 3 where they played Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and gave sneak peeks to Toy Story 3.

2.  Disney Theme Parks – The Disney theme parks that are all around the world are essentially giant advertising tools for Disney.  The characters from their movies and shows can be found at the park and are used to promote the theme parks, but the theme parks are also used to promote Disney movies and other products.  At the park you will find that there is an abundant amount of merchandise that is all Disney characters or somehow promoted by Disney which is another way the parks are utilizing synergy.

3.  ESPN and Disney – Disney has aligned with ESPN and with that once in awhile the company will have Disney promotions for Diseny World and to go along with this Disney World will sometimes hold ESPN weekends at their park.  The link above talks about how Disney is in some ways trying to give the sports world a new face.

4.  Tron Legacy – The soundtrack from Tron by Daft Punk was released by Hollywood Records which is owned by Disney.  Disney is able to not only make money from the movie but the soundtrack as well when it is downloaded.  Also, there is a ride at Disney World that is inspired by Tron. People who like the movie will want to visit the ride which promotes the park and the ride promotes the movie.

As you can see Disney uses synergy all throughout their brand.  These are just four of many ways in which Disney uses synergy.

Synergy in Disney

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