Disney History

In a world filled with so many companies with large names, there is one company that pretty much everybody knows about and heard the name since they were very young and that is Disney.  The following is a little bit of history and some major moments for this company.

One huge question many people have, but do not know the answer to is how the Disney company started.  Obviously this is a major moment since it is what began the large Disney empire.  October 16, 1923 was the day Disney began with Walt signed a contract to produce a series of comedies.  At this time it was called the Disney Brothers Studio.  Here is one of the comedies Walt produced called the Alice Comedy 

Now I am going to fast forward a bit to events that have happened in more recent years and that perhaps all of us remember or relate to.  A huge step in Disney was the opening of Disneyland in California July of 1955. There were only 18 attractions which is nothing compared to what is there today.  Now Disney has the license for 14 theme parks around the world.  This article is a fun read about the Disneyland grand opening.

There was a large takeover in 2001 when Disney acquired what was known as Fox Family Channel and renamed it ABC Family which is a channel I am sure everybody here has watched at some point.  The following is an article about the strategy and why Disney took over Fox Family.

Another merge happened in 2009 when Marvel Entertainment which is another large company decided to merge with Disney. Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion dollars.  What is interesting about this is that Disney stock actually dropped when this initially happened. Read more about it here

Another large moment and merge for Disney was when the company bought Pixar in 2006.  The sale was for $7.4 billion and one of the main reasons Disney bought Pixar was to improve their animation.  Read here 

There are so many huge moments, merges and takeovers in Disney so this was just a small glimpse into this huge company.

Disney History

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